What are the Best Home Gym Flooring Options?

More and more people are starting to workout at home these days. Money worries and convenience are the two main reasons why. Gym memberships are going through the roof, income is going down yada yada yada… If you’re looking into bringing your gym to your home, you need to think about what flooring you’re going to need.

Home gym flooring is important as it provides you with a safe surface to workout on, easing the stress on your joints, ligaments, and bones. Appropriate gym flooring prevents you from slipping, and also protects your current flooring too. I rent, and I’ve recently moved in to a new house, so this particular area is important to me so I protect my security deposit 🙂

It took me longer than I expected to find which type of flooring I needed. Not because I’m a perfectionist or anything like that, but because there’s just so many options to choose from. This is why I took the time out to put this article together to help anyone who will have to do the same.

Before I get straight into the the options open to you, it’s important to consider a few things:

Equipment you’re going to be using: Obviously, if you’re going to be using heavy equipment such as a multi-station home gym, a treadmill, elliptical etc. then you’ll need heavy duty rubber flooring that will protect your flooring underneath. Alternatively, if you’re only going to be doing light exercises such as yoga, bodyweight workouts, or using light equipment, then cheap roll mats may be okay for you.

Price: The most expensive isn’t always the best or the right one for you. An expensive carpet mat may look great, but it may not be heavy duty enough to protect the flooring you already have.

Traction: Lifting heavy weights on a floor with little grip is suicide. Imagine squatting over 200 lbs and your foot slides out, chances are you’re either going to get seriously hurt, or you’re going to badly damage the floor, or whatever is close by.

Cushion: If you’re lifting heavy weights, the softer the flooring, the more stress is going to be placed on your joints. However, if you’re into yoga, or martial arts exercises, then softer flooring is perfect.

As a general rule, if you’re going to be repeatedly impacting the floor, then softer flooring is required. If you’re going to be using your home gym for weight training then firmer flooring is what you need.

Cleaning: An easy to clean material is recommended. You’re going to be sweating, and likely spilling shakes/drinks, so something easy to wipe clean is helpful.

Home Gym Flooring Options

By far the most popular choice amongst other home gym users. You can opt for tiles, interlocking, rolls, or mats.

Regular rubber tiles: If you want a professional look, and aren’t concerned with the time it takes to fit them, then these are a good choice. You may need a professional to fit them depending on the area you’d like to place them, and your own DIY skills.

Interlocking tiles: These are durable and simple to install and fit like a jigsaw puzzle. They can be removed just as easily as they can be installed., perfect if you’re moving house. They make borders, middle tiles, and corners.

Rolls: These are the easiest option for installation. All you have to do is roll them out over the area the you want making sure it’s even. If you want to use the simplest option then this is it, all you need are cutting tools to get a good fit.

Mats: If you’re not too bothered about looks, then mats are ideal. They are thicker than other options, but they’re not as tough and are easily damaged.

Other Flooring Options

Foam: If you’re looking at light exercises and light equipment then foam mats/tiles are a good option. They’re light, affordable, and will protect your floors from light loads.

Carpet: If you want to have a nice looking floor in a cold area then carpet tiles are a good option. They aren’t particularly durable with regards heavy weights however, and they aren’t very easy to clean.

Extra Padding Mats: If you’re planning on using really heavy equipment, then extra mats may be needed. Large multi-station home gyms, and such things as treadmills will put the most pressure on the floor, so it’s a good idea to get additional protection.

Exercise mats: Most people include stretching in their routines, and it’s recommended you have an area set aside for this. You can do this with an exercise mat. They’re lightweight, usually foam, and are very cheap top buy.