Weider X Factor Door Gym Review

Weider X Factor Door Gym Review

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Weider Fitness are well renowned for bringing out quality gym equipment, one of their latest introductions is the X Factor door gym, which as you guessed attaches to your door. It works similar to many other resistance bands, but how does it stack up? Find out with my Weider X-Factor Review below.

HomeGymCritic’s X-Factor Review

The Weider X Factor mounts on virtually any door which is perfect for those living in smaller spaces. The resistance bands provide upto 210 lbs of resistance which is great for those of you looking to tone up, but not so great for people who want to build serious muscle. If you want more resistance you should consider the bodylastics resistance bands, the muscle & fitness edition provides upto 388 lbs of resistance, or alternatively you should look into the pr3000 home gym from Bowflex, which can be upgraded to 410 lbs in resistance.

The x-factor is very simple to setup, it takes just 5-10 minutes to mount onto the door as it comes already assembled. I like the idea of having the option to leave it on the door too if you like. I noticed though when it comes to attaching it to the door, you have to place it on the opposite side it opens out to. So if you have a door that opens out into your living room, you would have to place the door gym on the hallway side. In essence all that would be stopping the door from flying off the hinges would be the door latch. Weider don’t make that clear on their site, so it’s something to consider before buying one.

Overall the build quality of the X Factor is good however, the plastic pulleys included concern me. When compared to every other sturdy piece of equipment that comes with the x-factor you’d expect the pulleys to be of the same quality. This weider door gym does come with a lifetime warranty though, so if something does go wrong with any parts you should be able to get them replaced.


  • Total-body training system that’s engineered to attach to any standard door
  • Unique design and progressive resistance exceeding 210 pounds promote explosive movements to build strength and add muscle mass
  • Includes two handles, two ankle straps, four connection clips, and resistance bands
  • Comes complete with exercise chart with over 50 body-sculpting exercises, three workout DVDs
  • And eight-week nutrition guide to help achieve desired results
  • Warranty: lifetime


The weider x factor door gym is overall a fairly good piece of equipment. I’m not going to be recommending it though because it fails in many areas where other equipment does not. For one, those plastic pulleys do worry me, it won’t end well if one of them decide to give way during an exercise. The fact that you may have to work on the other side of the door than originally thought can be an obstacle for most people with smaller living spaces (the type of consumer which the x factor was apparently primarily targeted towards). Also, the level of resistance isn’t as heavy as some of the stronger tubing resistance bands such as bodylastics for instance.

For $100 the Weider X Factor an effective piece of equipment for those who want to get to a reasonable level of fitness however, make sure you have enough room on the other side of the door before you decide to buy, and keep checking on the equipment before each exercise to look for wear.


  1. Although the Weider X Factor Gym has a lot of potential, it was a disaster for me. Let us discuss some of the good things about the product first. The concept is great, it provides enough resistance at different levels and it exercises the different muscle groups. The resistance bands work well and the how to DVD is also very helpful.

  2. I bought the weider x factor a little over a month ago and have only just recently installed it. Immediately I noticed that the pulleys were making loud clicking noises. The bands on the left and right don’t have equal tension either. I rang Weider up and told them about the problems but they said there’s nothing they could do for me. After that I mentioned I’d seen reviews from people who’ve said they changed the pulleys in some way to sort the issue. They said they had but they wouldn’t replace my x-factor. They clearly state on their website that the x factor has a lifetime warranty, turns out it doesn’t. With their extraordinary claims you’d expect them to stick by their claims, seems they don’t!

  3. What I disliked the most about the product is that majority of the parts are made from low quality materials. Looking at it, I was sure that the Weider X Factor Gym would not be able to withstand daily exercises for a long period of time. For example, the pulley wheels are made of cheap plastic. When I got my machine out of the box, two of the wheels were already deformed. The wheels would also scrape against the housing and make this annoying sound. This left me with a bitter taste in my mouth. I returned the product. If the product was made with durable materials, I would have loved it.

  4. I use mine Every day for 30-45 min. and I Love the workout! I see no signs of wear and I work the hell out of it. I bought it to replace the Tower 200 that started to fall apart as soon as I started using it regularly, once I had to start tying the handles to the last two cords. I’m not interested in bodybuilding, I already have serious muscles and I can hit every one of them as hard as I want and leave a puddle of sweat without leaving my bedroom every morning. I also have a lifetime membership to LA Fitness and I’ve been there about a dozen times since 1988 when I bought it. Mainly because it’s a pain in butt to find the time, and it’s always crowded. Now I don’t even have to get dressed to work out and I Crave it all day if I don’t get to spend at least 30 min. on it first thing in the morning. At half the price of the Tower 200 and about 1/20th of the gym membership I’d say it’s a great deal.

  5. Really Good idea. however the pulley’s are a real concern, as it is a moving part, there is alot of friction which creates heat causing the plastic housing to melt as the pulley’s are directly attached with a metal rivit. this poses a huge failure in design and will cause major injury. this product should be recalled and redesigned. change the way the pulley’s are attched to the housing, pulley’s should also have bearing installed.

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