Stamina Air ATS Rowing Machine Review

Stamina Air ATS Rowing Machine Review

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The Stamina range of rowing machines are one of the more popular available. Stamina’s rowing machines are sold within 4 main levels which start with the lower end ones which have a simple hydraulic power system, to the higher end magnetic multi function Stamina rowing machine such as the EMR Conversion II Recumbent Bike/Rower. However, the Stamina 35-1405 ATS Air Rower is in the lower range of  Stamina’s rowers. If you’re looking for a Stamina rower then the Air ATS is by far the best value for money. Find out why in my Stamina Air ATS review below….

But first, let’s take a look at its features….


My Review of the Stamina ATS Air Rower

As I mentioned before, the Stamina Air ATS is at the lower end of the Stamina range of rowing machines. However, it does offer the best value for money with what you get. If you have a smaller budget in mind for your rowing machine then this could well be the Stamina you would need.

The Stamina air ats is one of the best value Stamina models, but it’s not considered to be on the same playing field as some of the other similarly priced rowers, such as the LifeSpan Fitness RW1000 for instance.

Some of the benefits you’ll get with the Stamina ATS Air is the folding option. If you’re limited on space then it’s always helpful to have something that you can just fold away quickly. Also, the rower has the ability to monitor several functions whilst rowing which include calories burned, speed, and distance rowed, as well as other rudimentary functions.



  • Monitor tracks and displays distance, speed, time, calories burned, number of strokes, and strokes per minute
  • Folds for easy storage
  • Air resistance increases work load as stroke rate increases
  • Oversized chrome seat rail and metal pull-chain for strength and durability
  • Dimensions: 78 x 31.5 x 19.75 inches (W x H x D); weighs 80 pounds
  • 3-year frame warranty, 90 day parts



The greatest appeal of Stamina 35-1405 ATS Air Rowe rowing machine is the relatively low price tag. However, as with most lower budget equipment, the lower price comes with a few potential headaches. From doing a little research online people have been having issues with parts, mainly the chain drive and the electronic console. So, if you’re perhaps looking to use this machine rigorously then it may develop some issues sooner rather than later. Stamina do offer 3 years on the frame but it doesn’t fill me with much optimism when they only offer 90 days on parts. If I were you I’d opt for a more reliable rowing machine with a better warranty period, such as the Concept2 Model D.

One Comment

  1. This exercise machine has been nothing but a disappointment and a huge one at that! There is a major problem with the design and manufacturing of the product. The chain keeps getting stuck. When I called the company’s customer service, I got no help at all. What I got was a runaround from their representatives. They finally told me to send the rower back so that they can replace it and I did. What I got in return was another defective product! I could not believe it! The chain just keeps getting caught. This is a major flaw which needs to be fixed by Stamina if they do not want to lose their customers.

    This huge contraption is nothing but a waste of money. So, if you are looking for a rower, avoid this at all costs. You are better off with other products.

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