Marcy Apex Multi-Gym Review

Marcy Apex Multi-Gym Review

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Marcy (or Impex are they’re also known) are renowned for producing affordable home gyms for the average home gym user. But often the low price tag inevitably means cut backs in materials and build quality. Find out whether this home gym is different in my Marcy Apex review below…

HomeGymCritic’s Marcy Apex Home Gym Review

As expected the apex is another low budget low quality home gym from Marcy. Just like the low quality crap pushed by companies like Weider this home gym really baffles me as to why it’s pushed into the market. Yeah it’s affordable, but that doesn’t mean people have to put up with the poor quality this gym has to offer.

When I first sat down on this home gym I noticed the positions of the starting lifts straight away, they really were uncomfortable and I imagine could cause injury after prolonged use. As with most home gyms that use pulley systems, you’d expect the rep motion to be somewhat un-natural however, with the Apex it really does feel uncomfortable performing reps, particularly pec flyes. In addition the poor frame quality and foam rollers add to the overall low quality and cheap feeling of the Marcy Apex Multi-Gym.


With any affordable home gym you’d expect to see some compromise in material and build quality, but for an average price of $800 there’s many more gyms out there that offer more quality for the price. Take for instance the bodylastics resistance bands. For less than a 1/5 of the price of the Apex, you can get a better quality more intense full body workout. So do me a favor Marcy/Impex, don’t offend people by bringing out these poor quality home gyms, commit and give us something that doesn’t insult us!


  1. I have no time to go to the gym anymore and I wanted to get a home exercise machine which will allow me to train the way I used to in the gym. I am very happy I got the Marcy Apex multigym. It has great support and helps me do a great range of exercises. It is the perfect workout machine for all the major muscle groups in the body. It helped me tone my entire body. The seat and back rest are both padded so I am very comfy while exercising. The machine is made of stable and heavy duty steel frame and it comes with all the accessories you will need. Adjusting the weight level is also a very easy task. Highly recommended product!

  2. Please let me know what this model is?. I have a similar one but can find the woner manual because I do not Know the model number. Tks in advance.

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