Home Gym Comparison

The home gym comparison database allows you to compare home gyms from different manufacturers using a variety of factors, simply click the arrows in the first row of the comparison table below. Prices can be sorted by MSRP.


Shoppers Advice

1. Think about your fitness goals before looking for a certain type of home gym.

2. Measure the space in which you plan to set up your home gym. Measure width, length, and height!

3. Read the home gym buyers guide or email me if you are still unsure what to buy.

4. Still struggling? Have a look at what home gyms other people are buying (best sellers).


ImageHome GymResistance TypeFloor Space (sq ft)Height (inches)Parts WarrantyFrame WarrantyRatingMSRP (USD$)Read My Reviews
Bowflex BlazeBowflex BlazePower Rods23.7583Lifetime5 Years51099.00Read the full review
Inspire M4Inspire M4Dual Weight Stacks3283.5LifetimeLifetime54495.00Read the full review
body-solid-exm1500sBody Solid EXM 1500SWeight Stack12.2583LifetimeLifetime51195.00Read the full review
Bodycraft Xpress ProBodycraft Xpress ProWeight Stack32.5282LifetimeLifetime4.82799.00
Bodycraft Galena ProBodycraft Galena ProWeight Stack2981LifetimeLifetime4.71999.00Read the full review
Body Solid StrengthTech EXM 2500SWeight Stack29.3483LifetimeLifetime4.7999.99
Marcy Diamond Elite Smith SystemMarcy Diamond EliteWeight Plates52.11862 YearsLifetime4.61899.99
Body Solid EXM3000 LPSBody Solid EXM 3000 LPS Double StackWeight Stack46.1383LifetimeLifetime4.53955.00
Total Trainer 4000-XLTotal Trainer 4000-XLBodyweight / Weight Plates16.33481 Year1 Year4.5429.00
Total Trainer DLX-IIITotal Trainer DLX-IIIBodyweight / Weight Plates13.05481 Year1 Year4.5562.00Read the full review
Bowflex PR3000Bowflex PR3000Power Rods18.22837 Years1 Year4.51299.00Read the full review
Bio Force 1.7Bio Force 1.7Air Resistance23.81821 Year1 Year4.5999.99
Precor S3.23 Functional TrainerPrecor S3.23 Functional Trainer + BenchWeight Stack13.988310 YearsLifetime4.52999.00
Bowflex Revolution FTBowflex Revolution FTWeight Plates31.0610810 Years10 Years4.52199.00
Bodycraft K2Bodycraft K2Dual Weight Stacks110.0083LifetimeLifetime4.53399.00
Body Solid G10B Bi-Angular Home GymBody Solid G10B Bi-AngularDual Weight Stacks50.8883.5LifetimeLifetime4.53955.00
Bodycraft PFT Functional TrainerBodycraft PFT Functional TrainerDual Weight Stacks14.4483LifetimeLifetime4.53399.00
Body Solid G5SBody Solid G5SWeight Stack26.5183.5LifetimeLifetime4.52395.00
Body Max Multi-Functional TrainerBody Max Multi-Functional TrainerDual Weight Stacks23.13 to 54.2569 to 185LifetimeLifetime4.53499.99
Inspire M3Inspire M3Weight Stack2081LifetimeLifetime4.53495.00
Inspire FTI Functional TrainerInspire FT1 Functional TrainerDual Weight Stacks30.5483LifetimeLifetime4.52495.00
Prospot Fitness HG6Prospot Fitness HG6Dual Weight Stacks27.587.5LifetimeLifetime4.53095.00
Bowflex PR1000Bowflex PR1000Power Rods22.16815 Years1 Year4.2799.00Read the full review
Total Gym 1800 ClubTotal Gym 1800 ClubBodyweight12.72461 Year1 Year4.2399.99Read the full review
Total Gym 1100Total Gym 1100Bodyweight11.05431 Year1 Year4269.99
TRX Suspension TrainerTRX Suspension Trainer ProBodyweight001 Year1 Year4189.95Read the full review
Weider Total BodyWorks 5000Weider Total BodyWorks 5000Bodyweight13.0649.52 Years2 Years4299.99Read the full review
Bodycraft X2 Family XpressBodycraft X2 Family XpressWeight Stack61.2582LifetimeLifetime45099.00
Inspire M2Inspire M2Weight Stack2078LifetimeLifetime42495.00
Dosho Design DG5009 Dosho Gym 5000Dosho Design DG5009 Dosho Gym 5000Weight Plates16.539.2LifetimeLifetime4679.00
Bodylastics Resistance BandsBodylastics Resistance BandsResistance Tubing00LifetimeN/A459.95Read the full review
Powerline BSG10XPowerline BSG10XWeight Stack20.41801 Year10 Years41135.00Read the full review
Bowflex Xtreme 2 SEBowflex Xtreme 2 SEPower Rods19.73836 Months6 Months41599.00Read the full review
Best Fitness BFMG20 Sportsmans GymBest Fitness BFMG20Weight Stack20.88783 Years3 Years4575.00
Stamina ViperStamina ViperWeight Plates36.448090 Days3 Years4900.00
Body Solid G9SBody Solid G9SWeight Stack46.9783.5LifetimeLifetime44325.00
Powerline P1LP with Leg PressPowerline P1LP with Leg PressWeight Stack43.0983.51 Year10 Years41399.00
Total Gym XLSTotal Gym XLSBodyweight11.87436 MonthsLifetime3.51948.00Read the full review
Powerline PHG1000XPowerline PHG1000XWeight Stack15.41831 Year10 Years3.5595.00