Hoist V6 Functional Trainer Review

Hoist V6 Functional Trainer Review

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The Hoist V6 pulley home gym has been labelled as one of the best functional trainers you can buy, that’s if the general talk in online forums is anything to go by. Is this positive chatter an accurate assessment of this home gym? Find out below in my Hoist v6 review….


My review of the Hoist V6

The Hoist V6 is a pulley system home gym that caters primarily for sports people who would like to develop muscle areas specific to their chosen sport. However, it’s also ideal for people looking to either tone up or build muscle. The V6 comes with a refreshingly simple yet very effective design. It has a dual stack pulley system totaling 150lb each (300lb total weight), with the option to upgrade each stack to 200lb which is more than enough for both the average and advanced gym user.

Unlike traditional home gyms that force the range of motion, the v6 pulley system like many other functional trainers provides a user-defined one. This allows you to hit more of the muscle when doing each exercise, performing a natural movement, exactly like you’d see with freeweights. As each pulley has its own weight stack you’ll be able to perform iso-lateral movements, which basically means that each side is completely independent and free to move in pretty much any direction. This means you target the muscles on each side individually, which is much better for symmetry and overall strength.

The other advantage of this home gym is the space it takes up, hardly any really. It fits nicely in the corner of a room, so if you’re lacking space you won’t have a problem with the V6. For your info, the dimensions are listed in the specifications list below…



  • Winner of the 2008 GearAwards™ Great Gear of the Year Award!
  • Counter-balanced pulleys combined with a unique integrated adjuster system provides smooth & easy one-handed adjustments
  • 35 separate pulley positions per column allows for each side of the body to work independently or both at once
  • Integrated Recessed Accessory Rack for ease-of-access and includes bottom tray for personal items
  • Wide groove pulleys on the adjustable cable stations increase the life of the cable and allow the user to perform more exercises
  • The patented Radial Loc® weight system reduces shifting between weight plates for a smooth, quiet motion
  • Standard dual 150 lbs. cast weight stacks
  • Fully enclosed weight stacks with vented shrouds for noise reduction
  • Compact & walk-through design requires minimal space
  • Split Weight Cabling® delivers 50% resistance to pulleys which increases cable length (114” with strap handles)
  • Magnetic weight selector pin for safety and ease
  • Multi-position chin-up bar


Spec List

  • Dual 150-lb Cast Weight Stacks
  • 35-Pulley Positions Per Column
  • Multi-position Chin-up Bar
  • Integrated Accessory Storage Rack
  • Dimensions/Weight – 42″L x 55″W x 83.5″ H / 673 lbs
  • Warranties: lifetime frame; 10 years moving parts; 1 yr cables, upholstery, paint
  • Accessories: 1 pair of adjustable strap handles, ankle/thigh strap, assist strap for pull-ups, aluminum curl bar, aluminum long bar (attaches to both towers simultaneously), exercise wall poster, workout DVD



As a functional trainer the Hoist v6 is an all round quality piece of equipment, you’ll struggle to find many better. With its space saving features, heavy weight stack possibilities, vast range of exercises, smooth pulley system, and overall build quality, this home gym is certainly no push over. But with an average price of $2500 it may be a little out of the price range you originally had in mind. However, if you really want a top of the range piece of home gym equipment then you need to invest in a HOIST V6.

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