NordicTrack ACT Elliptical Review

NordicTrack ACT Elliptical Review

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If you’ve been reading through the reviews of other NordicTrack ellipticals you’d be forgiven for thinking the Nordictrack Elliptical A.C.T. would be just as bad. That isn’t the case though. This elliptical stands out among the best of what NordicTrack has to offer and ranks highly among other ellipticals in its price range. Find out just how well it does with my NordicTrack ACT review below….


My Review of the NordicTrack ACT Elliptical

The areas were this elliptical exceeds lesser Nordictrack models is with the adjustable stride length (18″-22″), the built in iFit workout routines accompanied with the voice of a personal trainer, the digital eddy resistance, and the compactness of the machine itself. Unlike a lot of bulky ellipticals, particularly older Nordictrack models, the NordicTrack ACT elliptical hardly takes up space, perfect for people who don’t have a lot of room to play with!

I think the addition of a built in games system is a little much, but nevertheless a nice little addition. Nordictrack could have perhaps installed a wireless heart rate monitor too, but for the price you can’t really grumble.

Like many ellipticals before it, the NordicTrack ACT has transferred over to a central drive, even if it is a little late in doing so. That serves as a benefit though as Nordictrack have skipped all the issues early adopters had with their machines.



  • GRAFIXX™ High Resolution Display – Console display advanced enough to animate an electronic figure to work out along with you.
  • DUAL-GRIP EKG™ Heart Rate Monitor – Monitor your heart rate with the sensors that are built into the handlebars to ensure you are in the right training zone for your goals.
  • 20 IFIT® Personal Trainer Wokouts – Gives you instruction and automatically adjusts the resistance of the elliptical to focus on aerobic, weight loss, or performance goals.
  • Warranty – Lifetime on frame, 1 year of parts and in-house service guarantee.
  • COOLAIRE™ Workout Fan – To help you work out longer and more comfortably, this elliptical has a workout fan built right into the console.
  • Commercial Quality – With solid construction, top-quality components and incredibly smooth operation, the A.C.T. is a gym-quality elliptical without the commercial-grade price.
  • IFIT® Workout Card Technology – Each card is designed by a Certified Personal Trainer and plugs directly into the ellipticals console, automatically adjusting your resistance and incline, while the voice of a personal trainer takes you through each workout.



NordicTrack have hit a real home run with this elliptical, both in terms of function and design. Whilst other companies were pushing the latest central drive systems out the factory, Nordictrack bided their time, and it served them well. Overall the NordicTrack ACT Elliptical is a fantastic addition to their line of elliptical trainers, if you’re looking for an affordable space saving elliptical that has a host of features, then the ACT wouldn’t be a bad choice at all….

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  1. I like the design of the Nordictrack ACT. It is everything that I could ever want in an exercise machine. It is more comfortable compared to other machines because I can exercise in an upright position. It has 26 built-in workout programs and you can easily make your own too, but I decided to go with what is already in it. The unit is well built and the parts are made of steel. Overall, it seems to be durable and high-quality. It comes with iFit Live which will connect you to the Internet so that you can download workouts from Jillian Miachales of the Biggest Loser, but this will only work if you have wireless connection.

    The built-in workouts were more than enough for me, thank you. The only problem was with the assembly. I called customer service to get some help and they said they knew nothing about setting it up. They told me that I would have to pay an extra $200 if I want it assembled. I declined and decided to do it myself and I spent nearly six hours figuring where things were supposed to go and I had an extra pair of hands because my girlfriend helped. Except for assembly part, everything is just great.

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