Bowflex UpperCut Review

Bowflex UpperCut Review

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I’ve been getting a few emails recently regarding the Bowflex Uppercut, so I thought I would post my review of this here, so everyone can read my opinion of it!

The Bowflex UpperCut Push Up Stand is one of the latest pieces of equipment Bowflex has released, and boy oh boy is it one of the worst! I’m normally an advocate of Bowflex equipment, but this is a disappointing exception. If you really want to spend $100 on a piece of crap like this then I suggest you put on your tin foil hat and go and sit in the rain! If I haven’t convinced you of the shear  waste of money this is yet, let me let me delve a little deeper for you!

Why Am I So Against the Bowflex Uppercut?

The Uppercut is designed to be a space saving option for a good upper body bodyweight workout (back, chest, shoulders, and abs), but they’re forgetting one thing, it’s supposed to support your bodyweight! It’s very flimsy being made out of cheap plastic it seems. And if you use it on anything other than a carpet, you could be in line for a bad injury as it slips and slides from underneath you!

The Uppercut comes with a poster of the different exercises (referred to as the ‘dirty doze’) that you can perform with it, and one of those listed is the push-up, seriously? You want someone to pay $100 so that they can perform a push-up? Come on!?

The marketing from all fitness companies is a bit exaggerated at the best of times, but the commercials for this piece of junk is another ball game! Just take a look at the guy here, you’re telling me that dude got his body through using this alone? That’s certainly what the commercial insists. Deception of the highest order!

This product is aimed at rehabilitation for grandma’s! I wouldn’t even recommend it for them for fear of further injury! Don’t worry Grandma, I’ll get you that nail gun you wanted instead!

This is a first for me by the way, I’m not usually this critical of a piece of fitness equipment, but this has really got me angry! Forgive me if I came off as a little rude.

If you want a good piece of equipment that will give you many exercise options and produce results, then have a look at the many home gyms I’ve reviewed.

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  1. I’m still have no idea what it is looks like an over engineered bar stool to me

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