Powerline BSG10X Home Gym Review $800+

Powerline BSG10X Home Gym Review

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I consider myself a dab hand at DIY and anything hands on however, assembling things surprisingly isn’t my ideal to way to spend a day. I’m convinced there’s always something missing in the assembly pack, when it turns out I put something in the wrong place or the wrong way round! I’m sure you’ve had this before right? Well, that shouldn’t happen with the Powerline BSG10X Home Gym.

This Body Solid gym (sold under the brand name Powerline) has been receiving a ton of good reviews since its release in late 2008, and I’ve been wanting to put a review of this machine up for a while now. So read on to hear what I have to say on this home gym…



Ease of assembly: The biggest selling point of the BSG10X home gym is it’s convenient assembly, as it’s already 90% assembled on delivery! There are just 9 bolts to finish off the build, and the instructions say you’ll be able to be ‘working out in 30 minutes or less’. Now, I didn’t assemble this myself, so I wasn’t able to test this theory however, the general consensus online is that 1-2 hours is a more realistic target. Depending on your ability, you could very well have it full operational within that time.

Small footprint: Another main selling point of the Powerline BSG10X is the small footprint. Coming at just less than 4 ft wide and 6 ft tall, it’s definitely on the smaller scale of home gyms. Being narrow and fairly low in height, makes it ideal for the majority of people’s homes.

Weight function: The gym comes with a 160 lb upgradeable weight stack which is pulley operated, meaning no switch over of weights, just a simple pin out and pin in of the weight you want to select.

Exercise variation: Powerline say the BSG10X has the ability to perform over 40 exercises. However, these are not unique exercises, simply variations in grip, cable, and seat positions on the same exercises. For instance, you can perform lat pulldowns, both with wide grip, or narrow grip, or even reverse grip. Or bench press in a flat or incline position with narrow/wide grip. The number of actual unique exercises is around 20. You can also purchase a leg press attachment, and perform variations of the leg press too.

Warranty Info

Every time I review a piece of equipment, I always look at the warranty to determine the quality of the product. If it’s of high quality then the warranty is always good and vice versa if it’s a bad one. However, that’s not always the case. In this instance, the warranty on the frame is 10 years, and the warranty on the parts is 1 year. This tells you the frame is highly durable, yet the parts can be subject. Parts are everything apart from the actual frame itself. So things like pulleys, handles, bench, and pads, are all covered for 1 year only.

If you do indeed have any issues during the warranty period and you request a repair or replacement part, you would need to send the whole product back to Powerline, at your own expense too! Which doesn’t sit well with me. Usually you request a replacement part and provide them with your purchase information over the phone, but to have to pay to have the whole gym shipped together at your own expense is ridiculous.


Additional Options

The gym has optional paid attachments/features too. You can purchase the following:

    • BSGLPX Leg press attachment ($250) – Add the leg press exercise to your machine.
    • NAS3 premium ankle straps ($24) – Premium quality straps for inner and outer thigh kickbacks.
    • Adjustable nylon stirrup handle ($23) – Increased grip and comfort.

If you need to protect your floor I would recommend getting some rubber floor mats. See my guide on what home gym flooring to buy.



Powerline state there are over 40 exercises with the BSG10X, however as I stated above, this number is really around 20. Here are some of the exercises you can perform minus the variations:

    • Push Ups
    • Pec Flyes
    • Bench Press
    • Pull Over
    • Crossover
    • Upright Row
    • Deltoid Raise
    • Shoulder Press
    • Lat Pulldown
    • Row
    • Ab Crunch
    • Oblique Bends
    • Bicep Curls
    • Tricep Press Down
    • Tricep Extension
    • Tricep Kickback
    • Leg Extension
    • Glute Kick
    • Leg Curl
    • Calf Raise
    • Thigh adduction
    • Leg Press (with additional attachment)



The ease of assembly and small footprint is a very strong selling point however, to get the absolute best of this gym a fair bit of upgrading is required. For instance, the default weight stack is just 160 lb, which isn’t enough for most men of average fitness. I would also like to see the leg press extension come as standard, at the moment this is a $250 extra. If you want to do a full body workout, then the squat is a must, but this isn’t an option, so the next best thing would be leg press, which makes the add on a necessity in my opinion.

The RRP for the Powerline BSG10X is $1,300 however, you can get a hold of this for around $800 on Amazon, plus free delivery. Leaving you with enough left over to get the leg press attachment.

The 1 year warranty policy on parts and the cost to ship it back leaves a lot to be desired. However, from what I have read online there’s only 1 mention of someone having to send the gym back under warranty, out of 24 reviews. Albeit, it cost him a couple hundred dollars to ship the entire home gym back to the manufacturer.

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