Ab Circle Pro Review

Ab Circle Pro Review

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You may have seen the AB Circle Pro on TV lately, if you haven’t where have you been? It’s been advertised the hell out of recently, as a result I’ve been getting tons of emails about it, with the majority of people believing it to be scam, but is it? Find out in my Ab Circle Pro review below….


My Review of the Ab Circle Pro

With the recent surge in interest around this ab machine I was obliged to do a review on it. Having not tried the machine out myself I have however taken it upon myself to do plenty of research into the ab circle pro. Mainly through forums, and hundreds of reviews online. Hopefully my effort in researching this machine will help you make a better more informed decision. After all, money saved is money gained right, especially with the way our spending is squeezed these days!



First of all what caught my eye was the offer on the ab circle pro website were they have a great offer of $14.95 for a 30 day trial of the machine first before you buy. However, after a little look in the small print you notice that they’re planning to charge you a whopping $34.50 for shipping it to you, then obviously you have to pay the shipping to return it before the 30 day trial expires, which is going cost you the shipping again, which brings the running cost for the supposed $14.95 trial to $70, not such a great offer anymore is it?

Of course you can keep it after the trial period ends, but you’ll be stuck paying for the machine at $39.95 a month for 5 months, so you’ll end up paying up to $200 in total. You can often find the ab circle pro cheaper through sites like Amazon who always have great deals on fitness equipment.


The Idea Behind the Ab Circle Pro

The Ab Circle Pro is designed to give you a cardio and ab workout all in one, which in turn helps you burn fat particularly around the belly. It’s supposed to achieve this with its side to side swinging hip motion, which targets the ab muscles whilst also raising the heart rate for a good cardio workout. However, how it’s supposed to work and how it does actually work are two different things.


The Science Behind Losing Belly Fat

The infomercials for the ab circle pro make it evident that the aim of the machine is to lose belly fat specifically around the ab area. However, this is were I have to disagree with the whole concept. You see, losing fat from a specific area of the body through an exercise is impossible. When we’re doing a cardio workout we lose fat from all over the body not just one particular area. To lose fat the key is to focus on doing the most intense cardio workouts, not just one specific workout.

Specific body part fat loss is one of the more common myths in fitness, and it’s a myth that marketers of the ab circle pro have decided to exploit.

To lose fat you need a combination of the following three techniques:

  1. Perform intense cardio workouts
  2. Work weight training in to your program
  3. & eat a healthy low carb diet

The ab circle will provide you with a mediocre cardio workout, much the same as you’ll get from a brisk walk. You’re best chance of losing belly fat would be to follow the steps outlined above, none of which the ab circle pro can help you with.


Overall Opinion of the Ab Circle Pro

If my previous views on this ab machine are anything to go by you’d be forgiven for thinking the whole thing is a complete scam. Well, I don’t think it is, in my opinion it’s just over hyped by the equipment advertisers. The marketers are pro’s at what they do, which is why you often see a lot of over-hyped speak, they over emphasize the plus points and forget the negatives.

Another point to remember is the models that are used in their infomercials, they’re all fitness experts who have got in the shape they have by following strict healthy diets and performing intense regular full body workouts. To prove the point, the face behind the infomercials on this ab machine is Jennifer Nicole Lee, who’s been a fitness model for years, she got in the condition she is now not by using the ab circle pro, but by many other time tested methods.

There are no shortcuts to the perfect physique, you need to change a combination of things and work hard to achieve it. The ab circle pro may get you some very small results, but for the price of $200 you’d be better going for a brisk walk or a jog, you’ll burn more calories that way. If you want to do some of your own research the cheapest price you’ll find on the Ab Circle Pro is with Amazon.

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